Beytcom Real Estate Company offers a wide range of services to meet all the requirements of real estate investors in the Turkish market in efficient and accurate way through a dedicated and specialized team.

We provide all our services on the basis of scientific research and preliminary feasibility studies to assess real estate developer starting from research and evaluation, financial intermediation, implementation, portfolio and project management and marketing until the completion and delivering the units.


At Beytcom Real Estate, we always offer the best opportunities for real estate developers from our experience in the Turkish real estate market to include:

  • Provide accurate analysis about the real estate market in Turkey and considering the most growing areas with the highest investment potential.
  • Search for the best investment opportunities for the distinctive land to establish real estate projects.
  • Provide detailed feasibility studies for real estate and taking into consideration achieving the highest return on investment for our real estate developing partners.
  • Providing the best reliable real estate developers companies in Turkey to carry out the construction work at the highest quality levels.
  • Marketing the projects from our experience in real estate marketing and the extensive client base we own.
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